How I came to being..

My Mom and Dad told me the story how it began. They had a very good friend who had four beautiful kids. She was a widow named Darling. Mom and Dad visited Darling and her family whenever they could. During those visits, much time was spent in laughter, enjoying Darling’s delicious food and chatting about everything. The visits usually lasted a good long day.

One day, one of the kids, brought home a beautiful poodle named Elfie. During one of those visits, Darling told my Mom and Dad, she’s gonna get Elfie to make some babies. When that happens, she will give one of the puppies to Mom and Dad as a gift.

On 19 June, 2015, I was born with my little brother. Both of us were brown, me a wee bit darker. Darling gave me, the elder girl, to Mom and Dad. She and her kids decided to keep the boy. Dad was super delighted as he had wanted to keep a dog besides his aquarium. Mom was excited but a little apprehensive as she never did had a pet before.

I lived with Elfie and my little brother for about 8 weeks. Guess which is me?

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