A sad time

Darling had not been well for sometime as she was suffering from a bad human sickness known as cancer. She was in and out of hospital for treatments for many months. My Mom and Dad told me she was a woman with strong faith in Jesus. Even though she was sick she continued to read the Bible and pray to God. When I was about 2 weeks ago, on 3 July 2015, it happened at the hospital. I was told Darling passed on to be with her Saviour Jesus and she went to a place called heaven where she will no longer suffer from the pain of cancer. Nevertheless, it was a very sad time for Darling’s family as they loved and missed Darling very much. Two of her daughters were still young and were going to take very important examinations in school that year.

Mom told me I attended the wake service together with my brother, Puds, to bid farewell to Darling. We were carried in a little basket as we were both small puppies then. There were lots of friends and relatives who came to pay their last respects to Darling and to comfort the family. I understand human cries when their loved ones dies. Puds and I also went to a place called cemetery where Darling was buried.

I stayed on with Darling’s family for another 2 weeks after the funeral as my Mom and Dad had to go away to visit their friends in Sweden. I waited for them to come to take me to their home….

A human cemetery

Photo by Matthias Zomer on Pexels.com

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