Growing up

Soon after my furr parents came back from their holidays, they came to bring me to my new home. All my belongings were packed and I was wrapped in a little blanket. I said goodbye to my furr mum and brother, Puds, and Darling’s wonderful children who had been taking care of me. Then, for the first time I went into a “machine”, something human calls a “motorcar” or “automobile”. I was too little and my Mom carried me in her arms all the way from Darling’s house, a ride of 40 km to my new home in another suburb. I slept the whole journey. I liked my new home which is an apartment up in the sky. I get to sleep in a nice little bed and have lots of toys ! One of my fave was a little doughnut. I must have it in my bed when I sleep. It made me feel safe and happy. My Mom told me that human babies too have this habit, they called it “security blanket”! Hmm, so furr babies and human babies do have something in common.

My comfy bed ! My doughnut security !

After a few months, when I was a little over 6 months old, I had a little shock one morning! I felt something strange when I chewed on my treat. I spat it out and to my horror I saw a little white stony thing. It dawn on me that I just lost my baby milk teeth. Mom took a picture as a memory and kept the tooth for a while. Here it is !

Oh my, I lost a tooth !
My milk teeth besides a treat that I had for perspective!

Mom told me this is part of the growing up as a puppy. There will be more milestones to mark my growing up. Well, Que Sera Sera !

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