I am such a foodie poodle. I love ALL things called “food”. I enjoyed waiting for Princess Latte’s leftovers, she’s completely different from me when it comes to food. She’s extremely picky and she doesn’t eat a lot, very dainty. I am a gobbler Mum said! Sometimes Dad puts me on diet when Mum noticed I am a lil overweight – “fei-fei” in Cantonese.

My favourite food is a 3 letter food – EGG! I just can’t do without it. Everyday Dad will let me have a hardboiled egg for brekkie. Mum will have a soft boiled egg which she will let me have some too 😂

Photo by Daniel Reche on
Photo by Mona Sabha Cabrera on

Both my sista and I love a treat Greenies. We will do anything for this – shake hands, high five, roll over etc. Other treats we love include fish and duck treats sticks from Tommy’s Kitchen.

Treats that we do anything for !

Great treats! Love them !

These are not all the food I love. Will share more later 😜

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