2021 A Fresh Start ?

Hello World! Sorry I have been off the grid for some months. Mom was telling me the last quarter of 2020 had been quite a non-event. It seems like the whole world had only one common issue i.e. the persistent Covid-19 pandemic that had ravaged many lives and sadly seems to continue to be affect and impact the ways humans live their daily lives, the new normal. In 2020 there was no big Christmas or New Year parties, masked up and stay home orders prevail worldwide. Nevertheless, we had a small family do to celebrate Christmas – Mom & Dad, Grandma, me and my sista. Mom decided to get some ginger bread and mince pies to make it more Chrismassy.

Christmas 2020

In Malaysia where I live, I was told a state election had caused a major spike in Covid cases and the authorities reinstated a semi lockdown in most places from October. In December, we were hitting 3 digits cases daily, which got the authorities and everyone worrying. We just started another tightened lockdown on 13 January 2021 as the daily numbers had hit over 3000. Everyone to stay home and only essentials businesses and services are permitted to operate. Though the authorities informed it will be 2 weeks but there is general feel it may be protracted if the situation does not improve. The roller coaster of lock downs is not doing anyone good but a necessary evil I was told. It looks like 2021 is not looking any different from 2020.

But Humans are known to be Strong and Resilient. So people, live daily with Hope and Be Kind, we will get through this together. For 2021 my encouragement to all Humans – “Dare to Venture Out & Explore – The World’s a Beautiful Place”. My sista, Princess Latte, suggests – “Explore but Take Time to Stop to Smell the Roses along the Journey”. Have a great 2021 people of the earth!

Well, on a brighter note, me and my sista are perfectly happy with the lockdowns of the humans. We get to have Mum & Dad with us more. We could still go for walks in the park to get fresh air and sunshine. Everytime we need to go out, Mom & Dad had to wear their masks. When we are in the park or public places, Mom & Dad avoided the crowds, social distancing is a rule I was told. It’s a good thing the mask rule does not apply to us furrkids. Enjoy the 2 clips below of some our recent park trips with Mom & Dad.

2021 – Dare to Venture Out & Explore – The World’s a Beautiful Place
Explore but Take Time to Stop to Smell the Roses along the Journey.

Enjoy 2021 by cherishing moments, enjoying relationships, start a new hobby, etc…

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