2021 A Fresh Start ?

Hello World! Sorry I have been off the grid for some months. Mom was telling me the last quarter of 2020 had been quite a non-event. It seems like the whole world had only one common issue i.e. the persistent Covid-19 pandemic that had ravaged many lives and sadly seems to continue to be affectContinue reading “2021 A Fresh Start ?”


I am such a foodie poodle. I love ALL things called “food”. I enjoyed waiting for Princess Latte’s leftovers, she’s completely different from me when it comes to food. She’s extremely picky and she doesn’t eat a lot, very dainty. I am a gobbler Mum said! Sometimes Dad puts me on diet when Mum noticedContinue reading “Foodie”

Princess Latte

Well life with my lil sista is great fun. I now have a “partner in crime” and playmate. Mum and Dad loves her lots but they also love me as much. Both are “darling girls” to them. Here’s some photos of us. Mum likes to make us pose for the camera all the time.😂 .

Growing up

Soon after my furr parents came back from their holidays, they came to bring me to my new home. All my belongings were packed and I was wrapped in a little blanket. I said goodbye to my furr mum and brother, Puds, and Darling’s wonderful children who had been taking care of me. Then, forContinue reading “Growing up”

A sad time

Darling had not been well for sometime as she was suffering from a bad human sickness known as cancer. She was in and out of hospital for treatments for many months. My Mom and Dad told me she was a woman with strong faith in Jesus. Even though she was sick she continued to readContinue reading “A sad time”

Which am I?

Hope you have managed to guess which one of the pups is me from my post yesterday. In case you have not, here are a few more hot shots for another try! Hit the comments so I can tell if you’ve got it right!

How I came to being..

My Mom and Dad told me the story how it began. They had a very good friend who had four beautiful kids. She was a widow named Darling. Mom and Dad visited Darling and her family whenever they could. During those visits, much time was spent in laughter, enjoying Darling’s delicious food and chatting aboutContinue reading “How I came to being..”

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