A New Complicated Family

Life has been going great with Mum & Dad. One fine day about June 2017, I had a big surprise. I found out I have a new family members.

New Family Members !

Looks like my furr Mum had given birth to 5 little puppies, unfortunately, I was told one died soon after birth. Darling’s kids decided to give away the pups for adoption as they could not care for them. My Mom & Dad were totally enchanted by the lil white one and decided to adopt her. Darling’s kids called her “Ghost” and then changed her name to “Snowy” coz she’s white! The other puppies were Koda, Marcel and one more I can’t remember the name.

Mum & Dad brought Ghost a.k.a. Snowy home when she’s about 8 weeks old. As she’s got a little brown streak on her, Mum renamed her “Latte” instead.

Now on the complicated relationship, me and Latte….her furr mum is my mum, her furr Dad is my brother. So what is our relationship and how should I call her??? Well, after much thoughts, I decided Latte should just be my lil sista and I will be the big sister, protecting and caring for her always.

My lil sista – Latte

I am so excited to have someone to play with. She’s known as “Princess Latte” in our home. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and when she walks, she prance like a horsy. Well, more about Princess Latte, our adventures and life together later.

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