Stuff my parents do to me…

Just like human kids, furr kids also enjoy fun and activities. Otherwise we will be soooo bored. I am fortunate to have great human parents who love me lots. Sometimes they do funny dress up on me (sigh).

Play Dressing up
Dolled up in Pink !

Whenever I had on this little pink dress, my Mom told me that somehow I became very lady like. I will sit very quietly near to my Mom or Dad. At other times when I am in my furr coat, I am quite happy running about chasing and playing football. My parents often told their friends and family that I will make a great goalkeeper as well as a forward coz of my burst of runs and accuracy to catch the ball.

Dad trying to make me a Supergirl !

From Supergirl suit, they even tried to put shoes on me, thinking I am human ! I didn’t know how to walk in these funny human stuff called shoes. Fortunately they knew and I just tried it on once 🙂 Here’s how I look with “human shoes”. I wonder if there are other furr kids having to wear shoes. It’s certainly not my cup of tea. Anyone else have any views on shoes on doggies?

Trying to walk with human shoes !

Then, there’s also the bad hair day, where my fave groomer thought I will look prettier with ribbon and hair pins. Wished I could tell her, that’s not my kinda stuff but I thought, oh well, just let her enjoy herself.

Good or bad hair day?

I love my parents heaps regardless 🙂

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